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Previous Entry Tentative first post Feb. 29th, 2004 @ 06:15 pm Next Entry
So... erm... It seems we haven't quite got the hang of posting in this community yet, so I thought I'd write this to try to stimulate some activity. The trouble is, I can't think of anything in particular that's worth writing here at the moment.

So I'll just say that the way you post one of these (since it isn't very clear just from looking at the main page) is to log in to your journal as normal and write a post, but then change the "Journal to Post in" option under the Event field to "retiringroom".

So yeah, just treat it like a message board I guess, with each post on the main page being like a thread, and the comments being follow-up posts.
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Date:February 29th, 2004 11:28 am (UTC)
Yup. This is a different format than the boards, more of a community blog... and unlike the boards, there's no requirement that you post at least sometimes about HDM. This is supposed to be a place where the BTTS regulars can relax a little bit, chat, and post stuff like you would in your regular blogs, only that more people are posting on the same page.
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