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Update... Apr. 29th, 2004 @ 05:31 am
It's 5:30 AM

I haven't slept

Note to the Byzantine Paper

Fuck you

Thanks: The Management
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Toby Kieth (because I'm too tired to change the song)

icons Apr. 23rd, 2004 @ 11:01 pm
Hey, everybody, tis la :) I know I haven't been around the BTTS community much lately, but, well, here I am ^^' Sorry, tis late. Anyway! In a burst of creative energy born from receiving my slinkster German copies of His Dark Materials, I made some icons. They are pretty ok, considering I don't know how to work the computer and all I have is paint. Tell me what you think, please!
(not bothering to do a cut, there are only four and they are small images)





base for icon #1 I found on google images, base for icon #3 is cut out of that big picture of our man Phil and Eoin Colfer, and the base for icon #4 is from the banner at BTTS :)
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: ...neunundneunzig luft balloon...

New BTTS Layout! comments, please... Apr. 22nd, 2004 @ 06:20 pm
Hi all, we're working on a modification to the design for the site that we hope to get running for May. Here's what it looks like... please post your comments! :)

[removed, since we've now switched the layout]

Mar. 31st, 2004 @ 08:57 pm
Assuming there would be a plentiful supply of food and shelter would be available:

Lighter--always practical
MP3 player--songs keep me alive
Exceedingly large notebook--writing would beat the loneliness, and I'd have a *lot* of time on my hands
Pen--to write with...i'd find a natural way to refill it
Cresent moon pendant--religion
Copy of TAS, or even better, the trilogy in one book--it would inspire me, and for escapism
Mirror--not out of vanity but to signal planes
Wool blanket--not only is it very warm, but it would be comforting
Various photographs--personal reasons (would that count as more than one?)
Chopsticks--all purposeful
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Breathing~Lifehouse

Just testing... Mar. 21st, 2004 @ 03:13 pm
Just testing to see if this is working for me..
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» (No Subject)
yo, what's up with btts?
» hello
I figured I'd post something here, but then I remembered I have nothing to say. But I needed to make sure I was posting this thing right anyways, so I'll post a whole lot of nonsense...

What movies are these quotes from?
"Nice shirt."
"I make this look good"
"I hate the airport."

What songs are these lyrics from?
"If I give up on you, I give up on me"
"Have you seen my comb?"
"It's the only thing there's just too little of"

Well, that's it for now, I guess....

I'm happy. :):)
» Tentative first post
So... erm... It seems we haven't quite got the hang of posting in this community yet, so I thought I'd write this to try to stimulate some activity. The trouble is, I can't think of anything in particular that's worth writing here at the moment.

So I'll just say that the way you post one of these (since it isn't very clear just from looking at the main page) is to log in to your journal as normal and write a post, but then change the "Journal to Post in" option under the Event field to "retiringroom".

So yeah, just treat it like a message board I guess, with each post on the main page being like a thread, and the comments being follow-up posts.
» Welcome to the Retiring Room

This is a new experiment of http://www.bridgetothestars.net as a way to encourage users on our message boards to post a quantity of quality topics. Users who do so will be rewarded with exclusive access to this livejournal community, just as the high ranking scholars of Jordan College in His Dark Materials were allowed to relax after dinner in the privacy of the Retiring Room.

If you'd like to apply for membership here, keep in mind that we're probably going to let you in only if you're in the top 50 posters on the Republic of Heaven message boards, and if your posts are on topic and add something interesting to the boards. Your conduct and maturity around other posters is also a factor. If you still think you'd qualify, then by all means, apply! We'll be glad to consider you.

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